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Hard Hats & Protective Earmuffs.

Share Hard Hats. Of course we’ve all heard of hard hats they are what protect us from extreme damage of our skulls. The main purpose of the hard hat is head protection in the case where an individual is in an area where there is potential for injuries from falling objects. Apart from that, some…

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Fire Fighting Equipment!

ShareFire! What comes to your mind? The vivid colour produced by the flame, the warmth it produces on a cold winter day, the pain it inflicts that gives you memories of your mother telling you to not play with fire when you were still a kid or maybe the smoke that comes off after the…

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Smart Shoes!

ShareThe Shoe industry is one of ever-expanding nature just like the rest of the industries across the globe. Let me ask you this; What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word shoe? The shoes you have in your collection? The shoes you fancy? The casual, office or safety shoes? Nonetheless, which…

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Safety Always.

ShareYes, you might have worn all the safety gear but did you really look to see if everything else around you was safely placed? Mark Twain once said, “It is better to be careful 100 times than to be killed once.” In every workplace there is bound to be an accident and the ultimate fault…

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Hand Protection!

ShareOver here at Cope Africa we have stated from time to time that our main focus is Safety. Not just any safety but safety that is of high calibre. We believe that at one point in the universe Earthlings thought safety to be common sense but then they realized that it simply isn’t, if it…

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