Fire Fighting Equipment!


What comes to your mind?
The vivid colour produced by the flame, the warmth it produces on a cold winter day, the pain it inflicts that gives you memories of your mother telling you to not play with fire when you were still a kid or maybe the smoke that comes off after the burning flame has seized?
I’m sure all of this comes to your mind.

Fire has been with for more than 200, 000 years and ever since then man has been trying to control it. Throughout the years, we had fire in our grasps and sometimes fire had us in it’s grasps.

Fire Fighting, as we all know, is an act of extinguishing fire. A fire-fighter suppresses and extinguishes the fire to save lives and prevent the destruction of property and of course the environment.

Fire fighting has been around since the Rule of Augustus in ancient Rome with the evidence of fire-fighting machinery in use in Ancient Egypt.
A quite rudimental start for fire fighting before the 17th Century both in Europe and the United States.

Fast forward to today, Fire-Fighting Equipment is a must in each and every building. Whether home, office or any public place you can think of.
You see, sometimes waiting for the Fire Brigade to come and bring down that fire is a time waster and as they say, “Money is Time“, so if you were supposed to be working on a project and then a fire broke out and you wanted to stop it but you couldn’t because you didn’t install any fire extinguishers or hydrants in your workplace you’d have to wait for the Fire Truck to come your way.

Oh, how much time(money) you’d have lost by then.

Don’t stress over it, there’s a lot of companies that sell Fire-Fighting Equipment, for instance¬†Cope Africa.

Yes, we do sell the finest Fire-Fighting equipment out there.

Fire Blankets.


Fire Smoke Masks.

Fire Smoke Escape Mask (1)

Fire Extinguishers.


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-by Victor

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