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The best wholesale deals on products available on the African Continent. BCope Africa sources and supplies a wide range of products Central and Southern Africa including Zambia ∙ Angola ∙ Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - Zimbabwe - South Africa.

Cope Africa is a bulk supplier of products suited to the following industries: Mining Industry ∙ Government Departments, Corporate Bodies, the Manufacturing Industry, World Bodies, Transport Industry, Water Utility Companies, NGOs and many others.

Mining Equipment | Chemicals | Safety Wear | Packaging | Machinery | Tissue | Strapping | Sealers

1. Safety Wear

2. Reflective Products

3. Tapes | Adhesive & Non Adhesive Tape | Printed Tape

4. Chemicals

5. Packaging Products

6. Tools and Equipment

7. Kimberly Clark Products

8. Medical and First Aid Supplies

9. Fire Protection Products

10. Road Cones, Road Signs


mining boots and safety footware

Mining Boots & Safety Shoes

Fire Extinguisher
packaging supplies and tools

Packaging Tape & Packing Tools

Reflective Vinyls

Reflective Vinyl & Signage Vinyl

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