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Reflective products are used in many applications to achieve high levels of safety. It is used on vehicles, on Bicycles, motor bikes, on safety posts, at various points in buildings, at events, on people as in reflective clothing.

We supply a wide range of reflective products, CONTACT US for pricing and advice.


Whole sale products to the Mining Industry, Governments departments, fire departments, schools, sports clubs, retailers and corporate clothing supply industries among many others. Cope Africa sources the best quality products at the best prices. For import / export and bulk supply to Central Africa and Southern African countries including Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC, Zambia and South Africa


AH2900 Day Glow Maxi Lime Bib Premium Quality

AH2901 Day Glow Maxi Orange Bib Premium Quality

AH2909 Lime Reflective Jacket With ID Pocket & Zip Premium Quality All Sizes

AH2914 Orange Reflective Jacket With ID Pocket & Zip

AH2918 Day Glow Orange Extra Long Solid Material Bib Premium Quality

AH2919 Day Glow Lime Extra Long Solid Material Bib Premium Quality

AH2921L Lime reflective jacket with pvc tape & id pocket velcro

AHHVR 50mm Lime Reflective Tape 100ml/Roll

REFO 50mm Orange Reflective Tape 100ml/Roll

AH2935 Day Glow Mini Bib Lime

AH2936 Day Glow Mini Bib Orange

AH2906L Lime Reflective Jacket ID Pocket Velcro Closing

AH2938 Fluorescent reflective jacket

AH2917 Reflective W1 Jacket

Reflective Silver 50mm x 50M

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